About us

As a specialist in the PCB manufacturing, Mil Technology  is confident that we are able to produce PCB from double sided to 8 layers that are of IPC-A-600E Class 2 standard.  Our dedicated QA and production staff will ensure that every board meets the requirement of our customers as well as on-time delivery.

Maximum board size:                               18"X24"
Maximum number of layers:                    12
Min/Max board thickness range:           .016" - .125"
Board thickness tolerances:                   +/- 10%
FR4:                                                            140 Max Tg
Minimum line/space:                                .005"
Minimum finished hole size:                   .006"
Minimum SMD width:                             .008"
Aspect ratio:                                              7
Registration:                                             .004"
Impedance Control:                                  +/- 10%

Quality Assurance Process

Since 1990, Mil Technology has combined its technical knowledge and its dedicated staff to produce one of the most reliable PCB used around the world.  Many of our outstanding boards are use on medical equipment, automobile / air craft instruments, computer products, and other durable consumer goods.   During this period of time, we have continued to improve our Quality Assurance Process to offer one of the best PCB's to our customers.  With the QA Process, we were able to increase production efficiency and at the same time, decrease our production cost with less production errors.  This has won the support of our customers who demands highest quality PCB's at a competitive bargain.

At Mil Technology, every board is inspected by its Quality Assurance Team.  From visual to microsection inspection, our QA team ensures all boards are certify with highest standard of quality. 

It is with confidence that we are able to produce PCB from double sided to 8 layers that are of total satisfaction to our customers.  Our customers can rest assure that all of their PCB are made of quality material and dedicated workmanship.