About us

It is our clear intention to expand our global presence and market leadership.  As we expand our worldwide presence, we will continue to extend our capabilities in the development, marketing and sale of our leading edge applications.

Company Profile

Since 1990, Mil Technology has combined its technical knowledge and its dedicated staff to produce one of the most reliable PCB used around the world.  Many of its outstanding boards are use on computer products, consumer goods, and medical equipment.   Our product quality, customer service, and development knowledge are the measuring standard of other PCB manufacturers.  

As a specialist in the PCB manufacturing, our Production Manager and QA Managers has a combined of more than 50 years of dedicated experiences in the making of PCB.  It is with confidence that we are able to produce PCB from double sided to 8 layers that are of IPC-A-600E Class 2 standard.  Our dedicated QA and production staff will ensure that every board meets the requirement of our customers as well as on-time delivery.

UL Registered
ISO-9000 Certified and Registered
ISO-14000 In Process